Identity crisis

Every year or so I have a bit of an identity crisis (mid-life crises are sooo done).
It’s been a good while since I had one so it’s well overdue.
I’m not going to lie, I had big dreams of coming over to the UK and being able to buy a whole new wardrobe and live in a city where there are so many different cultures, religions, styles and opportunities to dress and be exactly how you fell on that particular day. And yeah, that happens. But I feel like I got sucked into yet another uncomfortably corporate job where I definitely feel like I don’t fit in (in terms of dress code at least) and I find myself dressing even worse than I should and just feeling generally rubbish.

Which is silly; because no one here knows me really – I should be able to wear whatever the hell I want! Fresh start!

Step 1: Lose like 5kgs. I’ve eaten so much rubbish since I’ve been here (tasty, tasty rubbish) and the few clothes I bought over with me are feeling a tiny bit tight and anything new I want to buy is fitting weird. (This is not a “I’m sooooo fat” point, I’ve always been on the chubby side but I’m feeling very uncomfortable so this will just make everything fit a bit better)

Step 2: Buy some new clothes. Nothing makes you feel better than new clothes

Step 3: Change my hair colour. It’s time for a change and new hair feels like a complete makeover. Plus brown is so basic.



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