30 things in my 30th year

In a desperate attempt to force myself to be less of a hermit, I’m making a list of 30 things I’d like to do in my 30th year. I’m starting it a month early, because I’m almost 30 and I do what I want.

  1. Learn a new language.
  2. Go on a road trip.
  3. Read at least 3 books (I am so lazy when it comes to reading).
  4. Get a new tattoo.
  5. Travel to at least 3 European countries.
  6. Do a walk/run for charity.
  7. Take more photos.
  8. Pay off the credit card.
  9. Find a new hobby. And stick to it.
  10. Attempt to learn how to skateboard.
  11. Do a gin tasting.
  12. Drink more water.
  13. Go sledding in the snow.
  14. See my favourite band play live.
  15. Be a member of a TV studio audience.
  16. Bet on a horse race.
  17. Ride a bicycle (I know how to, but haven’t in about 15 years).
  18. Learn a magic trick.
  19. Own a house (this one definitely won’t be achieved in the next year but it’s on the long term list none-the-less)
  20. Go to a UK festival.
  21. Order room service.
  22. Drink at an ice bar.
  23. Keep a plant alive for the whole  year.
  24. Watch a Chelsea match live at a stadium (I’m not a MASSIVE football fan but my boyfriend is, and I’ve been dragged into it. Sometimes against my will).
  25. Solve a Rubiks Cube.
  26. Become an organ donor.
  27. Lose 5kg (this is just a general health thing – too many Shake Shacks this year!).
  28. See the Northern Lights.
  29. Take cooking lessons.
  30. Stop caring about what other people think.

If I find any other things I want to do that are list-worthy, I’ll add them at a later stage 🙂

Do any of you have anything to add or have lists of your own?




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