Achievable Goal #2

Firstly, I’m lazy.
Secondly, I’m spoilt when it comes to transport options because in Cape Town everyone drives, has a friend who drives, or is able to order an Uber for a relatively affordable fee.
So it’s an understatement to say it was a bit of a shock to the system when I suddenly had to rely on public transport and walking. And of course I took it upon myself to work out the best way to wherever I was going so that it involved as little walking as possible.


So this one is not 100% by choice. The bus that goes from the end of my road to the train station never arrives according to its schedule so it was either stand at the stop and hope it arrived at some point or just start walking. Yes, I do still always check if I can see it coming down the road before I turn left to head towards the station but the real point here is that 99% of the time I walk it (mainly because those damn buses are never around when you need them. The same bus is ALWAYS just leaving as I come out of the station, no matter what time it is).

I’m getting closer to my 8000 steps a day (versus the less than 1000 I was doing in Cape Town, so that’s a win in my books)


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