Achievable Goal #1

Now that I’m living IN London (instead of a good hour+ outside of London) I’m going to lie to you all and say I’m feeling more adventurous.
Truth is, I’m still getting settled in and this week has had me missing home more than usual.

So I’ve decided to set small, achievable goals to give me a good reason to pause re-runs of How I Met Your Mother.


I am a creature of habit. Also, the grocery stores here are amazing for deals and I can easily spend hours walking up and down the aisles checking out all the weird brands and £1 deals. But I need to stop replying on Tesco meal deals when it comes to quick lunches, especially when there are so many good food places everywhere.
So the first place I want everyone to know about is a tiny little Dim Sum place that I went to last night.
I never would’ve seen PANDA DIM SUM in Leytonstone if I didn’t know to look out for it. It’s a tiny little restaurant located on High Road Leytonstone, with (I think) about 7 tables that could seat about 26ish people? It could be less or more, I’ve never been good at judging space.
Basically, I am not going to build it up more than that because the point of these goals is to find cool things and tell you about then so that you can go and check them out and decide for yourselves. (*cough* those were the best dumplings/buns I have ever had *cough*)


(Disclaimer: This is not a fancy 5* restaurant. This is a small business, with delicious food, great service, friendly chefs and waitrons and really affordable prices.)



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