The BIG 3-0

In exactly 2 months it will be my 30th birthday!
I was looking back on posts on my old blog and came across a post about me freaking out about turning 27.

Hahahaha. (help me)

But jokes aside, age really is just a number. A big scary number. I think I’m more freaked out about saying I’m 30 if people ask. I don’t feel 30 because in reality I think I actually feel about 50. On a good day: my legs ache, I awkwardly roll out of bed to avoid pulling anything and I’m generally in bed and asleep by 9:30PM. So the scary part isn’t feeling 30, really. We passed that stage ages ago.

I don’t really care much for celebrating birthdays in a huge way but I was thinking that maybe I should do something special seeing as everything else I’ve been doing this year has been new and exciting.

Any ideas?




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