Update: Year of the Hustle

My last post was a bit of a downer so I feel like I need to redeem myself and prove that I’m not the pessimistic bag of grump that you think I am. I blame it on the amount of time spent on trains with equally pessimistic bags of grump.

I’m a naturally anxious person and for some crazy reason I thought that packing up my life and heading half way across the world would be a good idea. And it actually was.
I feel like I needed to prove to myself that I WOULDN’T fall apart completely. And I know if you read my last post you’ll think “Oh? But you have fallen apart – mission failed!”

But you are wrong.

After a not-so-quick ugly cry, a slab of chocolate and a pep talk from my better half; I am back on track. I still stand by everything I said in the last post but I am choosing to stop focusing on them and rather try and compile a list of positives.
I am in London. This is a dream I wanted to live for so many years. Yes, it’s a slightly more grown up version of the dream (mainly because it includes budgeting, going to work every day and fighting the inner battle: New iPhone 8 vs eating for the next 2 weeks?) but a version of the dream none-the-less.

Today I took a walk to Brick Lane from the office and I couldn’t get over how cool everyone is. (1 point to iPhone 8 – better camera to document all the amazing things I see every day) It’s a weird mix between hipster deluxe and generic businessman.
We step out of our corporate cubbyholes, walk 15 minutes down the road for a 100% vegan ‘pulled pork’ bap (1 point to being able to afford to eat) and an insta post of the street art and then head back to our desks to post about it on our blogs.

It’s a mad world.


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