2018: The Year of the Hustle

I hate how easy it is to fall back into old habits. When you have big dreams of starting the New Year with a clean slate – new country, new job, new friends hopefully and new adventures – and they all fall away with the New Years resolution you made to get fit and healthy.

2018: The year of the hustle. Get out more! See bands! Travel! Earn lots of money to be able to afford the aforementioned!

And then nope. Nope nope noooope. It’s cold, you’re depressed because of the weather, missing the dog/boyfriend/friends and family back home. Your commute takes you at least 2 hours and you always JUST miss the bus you’re supposed to get on. Every flat you look at that’s closer to city centre looks nothing like the SpareRoom advert pictures and you feel like finding a place will solve all your problems even though it’s currently the main source of your anxiety.

We’re only in February, so there’s still time to make this a good year right?

Who wants to be my friend?




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