Life update: London

As is tradition – it’s been a while since my last post. BUT I do have a valid excuse this time.

After years and years of talking about it, I am finally in London! It was a bit of a crazy decision – when you talk about doing something for so long and it just never happens and then something just flips and all of a sudden you’re resigning and booking flights and packing up your life into one large (and very heavy) suitcase.

So here’s the story in as few words as I can manage:

  • I have a British passport and my boyfriend only has a South African passport which means he needs a visa to come over to the UK. To get a visa that would allow him to work over here, we would need A LOT of money in savings, and said money would need to have been in our account for at least 6 months. One way around this would be for me to work here and get 6 months pay slips and then we could apply for the visa without needing the savings. We decided to apply for a 6 month holiday visa so that I could work here and we could still live in the same country.
  • The holiday visa was refused twice for reasons I don’t really feel like discussing because they are so silly that it actually just makes me mad even thinking about it. But basically they eventually approved a 4 week holiday and we left South Africa on Boxing Day.
  • In those 4 weeks we did a bunch of typical tourist stuff and I had 2 meetings with a sister company of the company I worked for in Cape Town.
  • My boyfriend had to fly back to Cape Town on 25 January, and I started work later that day. So as soon as I have 6 months pay slips, we can apply for his visa to live and work here. Done!

So I’m basically just rattling around London on my own, trying to get on the right trains.
Hopefully these 6 months go buy really quickly. There’s only so much trashy British tv a girl can watch on her own!





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