It’s just after 9PM on Saturday night. I’m in bed. I did leave my bed to shower, put on clean pjs, make myself a cup of tea and get straight back into bed. 

Sometimes I wish I wanted to go out and see people and be sociable. And sometimes I do! Sometimes I really want to get dressed up, meet up with some friends and end up in some noisy club doing terrible dance moves and singing along to awful songs. 

But then I remember I don’t particularly like most humans and hangovers are pretty much one step up from death. 

These past few weeks were tough. No specific reason, just the usual overthinking everything so much that nothing makes sense anymore. And that’s when I really wish I enjoyed going out more than I enjoy sweatpants and not wearing a bra. 

But there’s tea to drink and series to binge watch. It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it. 


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