So yesterday we met with the lawyer who is helping us organise a visa for the BF and everything is a GO!

We now send through all our documents and book tickets and if all goes according to plan and the visa application is approved, then we are off to the UK in late November/early December!

Excited/happy/nervous/sad all at once. Excited and happy for an adventure. Nervous because, duh. And sad to leave my Emma dog 😦 This is going to be the hardest thing for me, and to be honest it’s the only thing holding me back. It just doesn’t make any sense to fly her over yet/at all (other than for my own mental health).
She’s had a lot of issues with her leg/knee and she’s a fairly anxious dog when it comes to new things so flying would be a nightmare for her and I cannot put her through that. She’d also need a garden to run around in and we can’t guarantee we can provide one of those just yet. And I will spend all day worrying that she is okay, that she hasn’t chewed through something she shouldn’t have or that she has somehow escaped (Houdini-dog). Also, I should probably mention that I will miss her way more than she will miss me. I should also mention that I am not abandoning her or giving her away or leaving her at a shelter. She’ll be staying with my parents and their 2 dogs (she stays over there often) and they have a massive garden and she gets spoilt like only a grandchild can be.
Maybe one day when we are settled, she can come over to us. But unfortunately it’s not a decision we can make at the moment and we have to put her best interests first (unfortunately for me). Time to teach Emma to Skype!

So that’s that. Time to look for a job, and then an AirBnB (We’ll do this for a month or so to give us time to look at places to rent)



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