I’ve made it a personal goal to try and save the world one rescue dog at a time.

In the past year, I’ve had a few fosters come through my house. At first it was puppies. There’s never a shortage of puppies looking for homes and they get adopted quite easily. The first 2 litters were ones I found myself (I took them off unsavoury characters trying to sell them on the street), a few more pups in between that but Butch is my first older dog.

A fire broke out at an informal settlement a few weeks ago, and the local rescue organisation (DARG) was tasked with taking in the displaced dogs and cats. While not all of these animals were homeless or abandoned, they needed a safe place to stay while their owners rebuilt homes and lives.
99% of all of the rescues around here are filled to absolute capacity and rely heavily on foster homes and donations from the community to make it through each month. In order to make space for the new dogs, DARG needed foster homes for their current residents. Enter Butch.
I put my name on the list to become a foster mom. I’d always taken in puppies as an emergency foster mom, or even just temporarily, until they found another foster home or until they were old enough to go to a forever home.
With my current work situation, I couldn’t take on any puppies as there’d be no one at home during the day and my poor parents had already been cast as babysitter for Emma while she recovered from her surgeries.
So I put my name on the list for an older dog. I got the call from DARG to bring my 2 other dogs in for a meet and greet match up with one of their dogs for a short term foster. Now the 2 I’m currently looking after belong to friends of mine and I’m looking after them while they are overseas for a year. Jay is small, friendly, likes a good scratch and is just an all round cutie pie. Ninja is medium sized pretty girl, a little bit weird, not entirely sure how to behave like a dog but 100% adorable. I was more worried about Ninja getting along with another dog, she’s the Alpha and a bit of a bully some of the time.

We took them both through to DARG and met with 2 dogs, on neutral ground, and that did not go well. Ninja got herself so stressed out and snappy and I really thought we’d end up going home without a new furkid. And then Butch came by. He’s older (about 7 years old) with a bit of a wonky back leg from an old injury that healed weird. Ninja gave him a sniff and then carried on doing her own thing. Success! And Butch came home with us that day.

And what an awesome dog he is. He is SO happy, ALL the time. Like every single second. He wags his tail so hard that he almost falls over. He got in his new bed backwards and then awkwardly spilled out by mistake. He loves being around humans, he’s not a small dog but he’ll squeeze his way under your desk, behind your chair and in the tiny gap between the wall and your bed. Whenever you move, he comes to check up on you, and gives you a little lick. Everyone loves him and I’m so surprised he hadn’t been adopted yet.
I just got the news that Butch has a potential home! He has a meet-and-greet on Wednesday with his potential new family, and I need every single one of you to hold thumbs that it goes well. I’ve grown insanely attached to this guy but I want nothing more than for him to find a family who will be able to spoil him and cuddle him for the rest of his life.


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