Ah, hello blog. It’s been an age. It’s not you, it’s me.
I’m 100% useless at sticking to anything, and I apologise to my 4 followers (who probably didn’t even realise I was gone).
I’m not going to promise to update this blog. I will try, but I am not making any hard promises only to leave you all disappointed and wondering why you still follow this blog anyway.

I went back and read a few past posts and I’m pretty proud of myself at the moment.
After being newly single after 3 years, I thought I would either a) find it very hard to go out or b) find it very difficult to stay at home
Turns out neither are terrible. I’ve found staying at home is awesome. My new(ish) place is central enough that if I stay home but then suddenly change my mind, everyone I like hanging out with is still relatively close to me (and also, I have a sweet as braai area AND a pool so people can come to me).

And then I posted about how I’ve always wanted purple hair but my attempt was an epic fail. Ha! Mission accomplished!



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