These past few weeks have been so busy. I couldn’t tell you exactly what filled all my days, but I just know that my anxiety clocked in at 100%.

In the middle of moving into a new place (more on that in another post), we flew up to Johannesburg (just about a 2 hour flight from Cape Town) to watch one of my favourite bands, Norma Jean, play at Krank’d Up Fest. We decided to make a weekend of it and 5 of us  flew up on Friday morning. I get pretty anxious about every little thing (and I’m pretty sure I’m anxious about being anxious) so of course I had a mini freak out the day before flying because I was spending a weekend with 1 ex-boyfriend-now-best-friend and 3 other people who I know, but don’t really hang out with at all. But it was SO much fun. We stayed in this rad guesthouse, run by the coolest husband-wife combo. And because we’d booked the whole place by mistake (admin is not the boys’ strong point), we had the whole place to ourselves. The venue was a 10 minute Uber ride away and even though it was pretty much a dust pit and we were all fairly fragile from the night before, Norma Jean KILLED IT. They played all the best songs, and CT dominated the circle pit. 10/10 would redo a million times over.

It was so weird seeing so many CT kids in Joburg and then also so many old Joburg friends that I hadn’t seen in years.

All in all, great weekend.


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