Time to do some shameless self-promotion.

I’ve always had my own little side businesses. Super small and not very successful, but I’ll often be online shopping, looking for deals and I’ll come across things that I’m like, “Everyone will LOVE this! I must order 10 and stick my own name on it and sell it as my own!”

okaywhatever is my newest and so far, most successful venture. Well second most. I think. My previous ‘brand’ kinda just developed into this new one because I was over the old name.

So basically, go check it out! If there’s anything you think I should be stocking – let me know! Give me some page hits! Google Analytics!





One thought on “okaywhatever

  1. Don’t apologize for the self-promotion! There are now slightly over a billion websites, so if you need and want traffic, you have to try everything you can think of to drive people to your website!

    Please don’t give up… it might be slow in the beginning, but it will pick up eventually! It’s fun to work from home and making a living from home is really fantastic!

    Good Luck!


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