Yeeeah. So turns out I’m not so great at this blogging thing. I could promise to be better, but I don’t want to disappoint you any more than I already have.

Okay so, here’s an update for anyone interested in my super thrilling and fast-paced life:

  • Left the house on more than one occasion (for somewhere other than work)
  • Saw people and may have even spoken to one or 2 of them (still trying to ascertain whether said people are idiots or not)
  • Quite possibly moving at the end of this month! Got a really good deal on a house – 10 minutes from work, pet friendly, secure parking, a garden and a pool! And I get to look after another 2 dogs (so I will be surrounded by 3 in total) which is like, ultimate life goal at the moment.
  • Above mentioned good deal on house makes it still possible for me to save every month so by the time my lease is up, I can finally make my way overseas somewhere. No clue where yet. Trying to be semi spontaneous here.
  • Officially joined Club Four-Eyes. Just for computer work but it’s soooo nice not ending every day with an eye-strain headache. Small victories!

    Shameless selfie
  • My online store had it’s first order from someone who doesn’t know me/isn’t my parents. Finally getting people to engage on my Facebook posts too.
  • Had another hair-dye mishap (not even sure why I need to mention this – it should be a given considering my history with my hair) but I actually don’t mind this one. The “no fade” black totally faded and I was left with random reddy/ginger patches.

    Bleached the ends hoping to go a deep shade or purple but turns out I should’ve checked if:
    1) I had purple dye (I didn’t)
    2) Pink and green make purple (it doesn’t) and
    3) after deciding to go with green that I had enough green to cover all the bleached hair (I didn’t)

    I’m now left with a mix of emeraldy green with bits of blue. And I don’t hate it.


That’s enough. Trying to make my life look WAY more exciting than it is.


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