Finding appropriate blog titles is hard.

One of my best friends got engaged earlier this month. And I was super happy for her but also, sad for me. Because someone else getting engaged is all about ME, obviously. (I do get to be a bridesmaid, so I’ve got that going for me, which is cool)

A few weeks before that, my (now ex) boyfriend and I had broken up. Or amicably split? That’s what celebrities say they do, right? And like, it was the right thing to do because we both needed to find out who we were without the other person because while we weren’t miserable, we weren’t happy either.

We’re still really good friends, but after 3-and-a-bit years, one adopted spoilt brat of a dog and like 30 shared friends (of which he got 90% in the divorce :P); it’s been difficult. I’m finding it very hard to be happy for anyone at the moment – engaged or not.

But looking at dresses and venues and food and honeymoons is SO much fun.
And because my friends have way more faith in me than I do, I will probably get a plus one (who will probably be a friend – don’t even want to think about a future with anyone else right now) so this is my plan:

  1. Actually leave the house at some point and find a place that has people
  2. Find a person who is not an idiot
  3. Try to not fuck up so that said person will want to stick around until wedding arrives

Easy peasy lemon squeezy (there is no hope for me)


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