Identity Crisis. Part 1.

So I need to document this (in words only – the photos are too disturbing to put on the internet).

I’ve been wanting purple hair for a while now. Like, a deep dark purple. I’ve bleached the ends of my hair before and it went pretty light without breaking so the rest of my hair should be the same, right?


Started by YouTubing every purple hair DIY video. My hair is very dark and because I wasn’t looking for a pastel or light purple, I figured I only needed to go 2 or so shades lighter.
Queue up DIY HOME BLEACH BATH TUTORIAL. Seemed easy enough. Bleach kit + shampoo. I will point out here that it did lift the dark colour of my hair.
And left it a Weasley shade of orange.
No worries. My hair still felt really soft – surprisingly. So I let it rest overnight and figured that I was way past light brown, and should now just aim for a dark blonde.
9AM off to Dischem to buy more bleach.
Yeeeah, somehow not blonder but now even more Weasley-like.

At this point I am freaking out but decide I might as well chuck the purple on now because I can’t bleach again if I want any hope of keeping hair on my head and there’s no way I am facing the public looking like Ginny.

And would you believe it – the purple did NOT stick. Most of my hair turned a coppery brown, with the few highlighter orange patches, and for some reason, VERY light roots.

Forward-thinking (pessimistic – or rather: realistic?) me had luckily bought a black box dye in case I needed an emergency save (THANK GOODNESS).
But oddly enough, the dye still didn’t completely stick. More of a reddy/plum colour. Which I hate. AND my roots are still very light. What do?!

I’m busy trying to invent myself here, Life! Can you please just play along for a bit?


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