Beauty without Cruelty

A while ago I decided to switch my make-up and other beauty producty stuff over to all Cruelty-free.

I know – so late to that party that all the good drinks are done and we’re onto the white wine that may or may not actually be drain cleaner. THAT late.

So here’s a few that I use everyday that I am very happy with (this is NOT a sponsored post or anything like that. But if there are any reps reading this – I wouldn’t say no to free stuff. Just in case.)

Please note: I’m not an expert. If professionals had to watch me put on make-up – I’m fairly sure a good handful of them would have panic attacks and run (screaming) from the room.

  • Catrice: Foundation and Primer. I’m using the Catrice All Matt Plus Shine Control¬†Foundation. I somehow have VERY oily skin and then at the same time it’s VERY dry. Yeah. I don’t know either. But I love the coverage this one gives me, without looking like I just covered my face in olive oil.
    I’m using the Prime and Fine Anti Red primer for when my face looks red. And then the Pore Refining Anti Shine primer for when it doesn’t.Catrice V2
  • Essence: I use Essence for just about everything else. They are the most affordable/best value for money. Pretty much any colour nail polish you could ever want. I also use their mascara and their liquid liner (the little brush is just the right thickness). And their lipsticks. And their eye shadow palettes (the shimmer gold!)Essence
  • Natures Gate: Every now and then I get one of those Brazilian blow outs (in addition to my dry-but-oily skin, I got frizzy hair too). Anyway, so that treatment requires Sulphate-free shampoo and condiotioner and the Natures Gate one is perfect. BONUS: The Asian Pear one smells amaaaaazing too.Natures gate
  • Charles Worthington hair products: I could literally only find ONE can of the styling mousse. And then it disappeared out of our shops forever. Still on that search though!
  • Batiste Dry shampoo. Okay so I fought this one for ages because I looked online but I couldn’t find anywhere that said it wasn’t tested on animals. And they are pretty much the only brand of dry shampoo we get here. But I looked on the can last week and hey, Cruelty-free! So this is the newest addition to my collection.

This post is way too long. But feel free to leave any other suggestions/comments below!

  • I didn’t take any of these photos. I got them off Google.



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