Life, maaan.

Okay, so what happened to the first bit of this year?
How is it already May (and like, almost June?) I can’t keep up – slow down, time!

This year has been weird. More specifically, this month has been weird. I suddenly found myself single and I would like to say I’m a strong independent woman who don’t need no (wo)man. Buuuuut that would be lying. Not having a guaranteed plus-one is difficult and the social anxiety is real. (Definitely should’ve invested in some more besties)

I had to go out alone for the first time in 3 years and it just made me realise that I am 100% cool with being a crazy dog lady that eventually goes mad and forgets how to speak words and will only communicate in woofs. TOTALLY OKAY WITH THAT.

The outside world has become a scary place. I never wanted to (nor had to) jump on that Tinder train. So that option left the station without me and is now stuck somewhere between Wittebome and Cape Town, on fire, with people stealing the doors and shit. You know – usual train analogy.
I hate clubbing. I think I just don’t have time for younger people and their drinking habits. Of course I was NEVER that bad when I was their age.
Also, the strobe lights freak me out, maaan.

So where do you meet new people? Not even for dating, but just like, in general. This is the time to make friends and “find yourself” and all that other Oprah crap, right?


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