DIY: Geometric Mobile


Like most of my posts – I found it on Pinterest and then tried it out for myself with a few changes.
I love crafting and DIYing. And if there’s a cheap hack for it – even better.

I thought this was a pretty good idea, and all you need is some black straws (or any colour you want really), some string and then some tape if you want to stick them to the ceiling.
The rest is pretty much for you to figure out yourself. Thread the string through the straws to make different geometric shapes. You can do whatever you want. Cut the lengths of the straws to make smaller shapes.
Black string for threading the straws might work better (I was lazy – as per usual) but it really is up to you.
And then when you’re done, just stick them to your ceiling (make sure it’s super sticky tape that will be able to hold the mobiles up) I made little crosses – looks kinda cool and not just like I was too lazy to hang them properly (which I was. Don’t judge me)



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