Something Witchy: Sidekick

I could write 1 million gushy posts about my sidekick and partner in crime, Emmadog. Like, literally a million. Maybe more (probably definitely more).

I rescued 3 puppies from possible disaster this weekend. I’m always amazed at how Emma acts in certain situations. She’s a rescue dog too, and in the beginning we had major issues with her. She is EXTREMELY intelligent. She observes everything. She climbed out of windows, got onto the neighbours roof and reversed out of harnesses before she learnt how to “sit”. Sometimes she is terribly naughty and fiercely independent and other times she is completely loveable and follows you around for cuddles.
So I was very worried about how she would respond to 3 little rugrats running around her territory and hogging the majority of my attention.

SHE WAS SO GREAT. She acted like a proper protective big sister (I don’t want to say “Mom” because she’s my babydog and WAY too young to be a mom). She played with them without being overly excited, she checked up on them when they were sleeping and she let them lick her face and chase her tail.

I’m beaming like a proud mom. I’m convinced that she understands me – as we were leaving my parents place (where the pups are staying), I told her how proud I was and I promised her that we’ll be finding them the best homes with people who will love them as much as I love her. She sighed and put her head on my shoulder.

Gosh I love that dog.

Soppy post over.

IMGP4358 IMGP43562 IMGP4420 IMGP4385
Toby, Dora the Explorer, Daisy, and Toby and Dora stealing Finn’s ball.


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